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April 18, 2016

Welcome to the WebWeaverBlog!

I invite you to help me create a community in which we can share our opinions, perspectives, cares and concerns, inspirational insights, news articles that are of interest, and anything that helps us more aware of the world around us.

Together we can create a more caring and conscious world as our legacy to future generations. We are facing changing, challenging and confusing times. We can broaden our understanding of the world around us by sharing our thoughts and learning new perspectives.

I personally tend to favor information pertaining to politics–since it flavors the world we live in, whether it’s climate change, election reform, money in politics, social injustices and personal rights, foreign policy, etc. I like to read astrological insights pertaining to the energies which are influencing us. I especially enjoy anything pertaining to animals and their rights and well-being! Health and wellness, recipes and food-related information, and any topic which can improve our lives are also of interest.

Since I believe we are all connected–whether human or animal–and that our planet is home to all, coming together as a community can create a world where love, compassion and understanding for one another sustains us as we search for answers to a myriad of difficulties. We are never alone when we reach out to one another and offer a loving hand in kindness and friendship.

I hope you will come here and share this space with me and others and make this a vibrant place alive with ideas, information and solutions. Together we can create a safe place to gather without criticism, belittling or ridicule, but be welcomed as a fellow traveler in search of peace and understanding.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions and hoping to build a network of people dedicated to weaving a web to our higher consciousness!

Let’s make the WebWeaverBlog OUR blog!


Email me @: lmillertapestryofgrace8@gmx.com




24 thoughts on “Home ~ Welcome!

  1. HELP!
    Lorrie, recently I have been distracted by some health situations needing attention.
    One result was that I deleted a bunch of emails instead of storing them and I know that about 3 or 4 of them were from you. Can you resend them?

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  2. Wow, pisca! What a powerful piece! ~ “You people have no idea what it is like for people from other countries to hear you boast and cheer for your guns and your bombs and your soldiers and your murderous military leaders and your war criminals and your murdering and conscienceless Commander in Chief. All those soaring words are received by the rest of us, by us non-Americans, by all the cells in our body, as absolutely repugnant and obscene.”

    I wish those non-Americans could know that there are so many Americans who find these words absolutely repugnant and obscene in the cells of our bodies as well. The majority are not like their political leaders. We, like you, are at the mercy of a corrupt world government and uninformed and unenlightened segment of society which prevent the rest of us from living in peace and harmony. Please forgive us our trespasses…

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    1. Thank you for posting this important video, pisca! I have shared it since I think it’s vital for everyone to understand the events that have brought us to this devastating crisis! Unbelievable that this kind of situation still exists in our world today.


  3. A fellow awakened soul is getting bot-attacked for posting a link to one of my fave independent youtubers so I thought you might like to know more about him. HAGoodman(dot)com has been an excellent source of information, most notably over the past few months of wikiileaks revelations. He is a Bernie guy, now fervently supporting Jill Stein. He has been allowed to write (hidden on oped pages) for HuffPo; has made appearances on rt, etc. He joins another fave, timblack, for a NoSellOuts show every Monday night. Check him out;

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  4. Wow, Pisca!! What an awesome article with some painful realities which we need to look at collectively! This can be a learning lesson and turning point for this country if we take the opportunity and use it wisely!


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