Return of the Oregon Primary! (Again!)

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Hello, folks! Whew! I’ve just finished scouring Oregon’s 36 different county websites! It really wasn’t that exciting but, if you’d like to know what it was like, just imagine yourself in an almost impossibly boring labyrinth of PDFs & spread-sheets — then, add a bunch of patriotic, 90’s-era stars-and-stripes graphics. That’s pretty much it.

But — once I’d obtained most of the numbers that I was looking for — things became much more exciting! I know that some of you have been waiting all day for this update, so I’ll cut to the chase!

What I’ve Found Out About the Results of the Oregon Primary

Ok, so: I’ve had the chance to crunch the numbers from six out of the ten most-populated counties in Oregon, along with a good handful of the smaller ones (I couldn’t find updated data for a lot of them, but I’ll be blowing up their inboxes with questions until I get it). So far, I’ve…

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