Let’s Talk About Voter Suppression (w/ math!)


I like this post by John Laurits, he gives some great insights. One thing that has been made abundantly clear to me this election season, mostly by Clinton supporters, is that the DNC and RNC are “Private” Parties and the process is not meant to be democratic! Oh, silly me and millions of other people who never really understood why we kept having to choose the lesser of two evils.

So, now I understand the process. In order to prevent us stupid people from inadvertently harming their private party by selecting someone they don’t like, they have decided that super delegates must make that decision for us. They have the power to override our uninformed votes.

What bothers me is that by having closed primaries and chaotic caucuses which no one understands, the people have basically no say in who gets the privilege to run for the Presidency of our country. We get to vote for the candidates they have determined can win the WH in their wisdom. Considering that 42% of voters are independent and non-affiliated, that leaves a lot of people out of the process, which really doesn’t matter anyway, because they can decide anything they want to. But what really bothers me is that those primaries and caucuses are paid for by the TAX DOLLARS OF ALL CITIZENS, including the 42% who don’t affiliate with the two private parties. Either open the primaries to ALL VOTERS, or start paying for your own damn elections!

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the backing of lobbyists, Wall St., Big Pharma and big corporations like Exxon, etc., any chance of a third-party candidate to successfully compete has been pretty impossible to date. Bernie Sanders has shown that small individual donations have power! Maybe this just should be the year that we put that theory to a test and see if maybe those small donors of independents, non-affiliated voters and disenfranchised republicans and democrats can change that dynamic.

Time to rethink the whole primary election process altogether and make our republic work more like the democracy which we’re so proud to flaunt to the rest of the world as the example.