6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift to the New Earth | Divine Cosmos


Here is a wonderful article by Jeff Street at Divine Cosmos! This resonated with my own similar spiritual learnings over the past decades. As Jeff points out, I believe the planet has hit critical mass and passed the point of no return! And the cosmic energies we are presently experiencing seem to indeed be accelerating and kicking things into high gear.
The following excerpts highlight the incredible wisdom offered within. I urge you to read the article in its entirety to better navigate these confusing and trying world events.
Exciting times for spiritual warriors even if the birth is painful!!
I liked what Tulsi Gabbard said when nominating Bernie Sanders for President at the Democratic National Convention, so I close with:
Aloha! which in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy
~ Lorrie ~

6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift to the New Earth | Divine Cosmos


“The great shift in the consciousness of humanity has hit critical mass and passed the point of no return. It’s been building slowly but surely, and now it’s about to kick into high gear.’

“The Earth has transitioned from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, and it continues to slowly shift upward (check out The Multidimensional Universe to learn more about frequency and dimensionality). This energy is triggering awakenings and shifts in consciousness of people all over the world. As our consciousness shifts to higher perspectives, we are taking our first baby steps towards transcending this realm of duality and separation.’

“Contrary to what some people believe about the trans-dimensional shift of earth from 3D to 4D, those who remain in 3D consciousness do not disappear from our 4D earth reality. We all remain visible to each other, and we will all appear to be on the same playing field.’

“Despite appearances, it will be more like two separate worlds coexisting in the same space. Third density consciousness will play out, and this will be WITNESSED by those of us that have moved beyond 3D consciousness as the fall of the old world and its mentalities. Those that remain stuck in 3D consciousness won’t just witness this fall they will DIRECTLY EXPERIENCE it and some of its associated unpleasantness. At the same time, those that have transcended 3D consciousness will be experiencing the birthing of a wonderful new world and the worst of any unpleasantness will pass them by.”




Closed Primaries Cost Taxpayers Millions

As a follow-up to my previous post, it boggles the mind to realize that all taxpayers bear the cost of “private” primaries for the Republican and Democratic Parties! While some states allow open primaries, many citizens are precluded from having a say in who gets elected to run for the President of the country in which they live.

The following post by Open Primaries shows how much this costs the taxpayers and why this unfair process must be amended!

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Closed Primaries Cost Taxpayers Millions

Closed Primaries Cost Taxpayers Close to $300 Million
Despite Not Getting to Vote, 26.3 Million Independent Voters Still Foot the Bill

New York – June 23, 2016 – The presidential primaries cost taxpayers at least $287,806,312.9 in closed primary states and at least $427,300,168.79 for all states according to an analysis by election reform group Open Primaries. Indeed the gross lack of transparency by states on the costs of American elections likely makes the true costs of our primaries much higher. While 26.3 million voters in closed primary states were blocked from casting a single vote, their tax dollars still funded the party primaries.

“The idea that our primary elections are simply private party nominating contests is a lie and a deceit that obfuscates the fact that they are publicly run and paid for with millions of dollars of taxpayer money. American primary elections are administered in public buildings and run by publicly paid for employees on publicly owned machines. Our primary elections differ from the general election in one key respect only; that they exclude 26.3 million voters, including half of all millennial voters, and prevent millions more major party voters from exercising real choice in voting.

Everyone should be allowed to vote. Voting for who you want shouldn’t be controversial. We must stop prioritizing personal political advantage over strengthening our democracy. Our politics has become dysfunctional because our election system is undemocratic.”

–Jeremy Gruber, Senior Vice President, Open Primaries 

The primaries are conducted and paid for by the states. Open Primaries pulled data from fiscal year 2016 and 2012 state budget reports, Secretary of State office contacts, Governor recommendations on budget expenditures, and state elections commissions to develop estimates. The average cost per closed state was $12,513,318 and for all states was $10,813,389. The five most expensive primaries by state were:

  1. California: $96,000,000
  2. Maryland: $27,884,000
  3. Illinois: $27,282,500
  4. New York: $25,000,000
  5. Pennsylvania: $20,000,000

To review the full data set, including estimates for every state, visit the Open Primaries website



Open Primaries is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization working to enact open and nonpartisan primary systems, counter efforts to impose closed primaries, educate voters, train and support spokespeople, and participate in the building of local, state and national open primaries coalitions. Open Primaries is a movement of diverse Americans who believe in a simple, yet radical idea: no American should be required to join a political party to exercise their right to vote.

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