All eyes on the Commissioners on the International Day of Action on Bioenergy

Southern forests are being chopped down, shipped across the ocean, and burned for electricity in Europe, but we can stop this dirty energy practice.

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EU Bioenergy

October 19th is the International Day of Action on Bioenergy, a day to raise awareness about the impacts of the growing bioenergy industry driven by unwisely designed renewable energy policies. As we know, in many cases bioenergy hasn’t exactly lived up to the promises of renewable energy such as emission reductions and environmental protection – in many cases the impacts have been quite the opposite.

As the European Union’s renewable energy policies have been one of the most forceful drivers of growing bioenergy use and the EU is in a process of revising its policies, this year we want to turn the eyes of the world on EU leaders.

This growing demand for bioenergy increases the pressure on forests and ecosystems in Europe and beyond. It has led us to burning of whole trees, imports of wood from forests across the Atlantic, to burning food and even land…

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