The False Dichotomy Between Economics and Racism

Another brilliant assessment by Benjamin Studebaker!! I urge everyone to take the time to read this, digest it and heed the wisdom within it if we have any hope of conscious understanding as we move forward into the future of a very divided world which lacks empathy and understanding of others. Please share widely…

Benjamin Studebaker

In the wake of the Trump victory, some pundits have written pieces arguing that Trump’s win was not down to economic distress, but instead due to hostility to immigration, diversity, and social change. In some cases these pundits explicitly call the election result a “whitelash” and accuse Trump supporters of racism and xenophobia. Unfortunately the dichotomy they are drawing between economic explanations and racial explanations is deeply misleading, and stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the ways class and race intersect, both in America and throughout the western world.

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