6248 Permanent Injuries and 144 Deaths Following Gardasil HPV Vaccine: Coincidence or Scandal?

This headline made my head explode today!

Okay, I have to admit it comes at a time when I’m having an issue right now about the distrust some people have with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbal Remedies for natural healing! I recently had someone say to me, “Oh, I don’t believe in the herbs.” Then they throw out the proverbial argument that “they’re not regulated.”

When you have a cat, for instance, who has been diagnosed with advanced chronic renal disease (CRD) by an allopathic-trained veterinarian and they just say “be prepared, it’s just a matter of time,” the mindset seems to be to just accept that rather than taking a chance on TCM or herbal remedies which have had success in giving extended quality of life along with sub-q fluids. Doesn’t matter how many testimonials by cat owners who were given such a diagnosis and who still have their cats three/four years later.

Do they really think that a trained veterinarian who is also certified in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is prescribing unsafe prescriptions to their patients? That certainly would seem to be the inference.

I guess my question is, if you think it’s terminal anyway, why wouldn’t you throw the dice and take a chance that it might work?? Have they become so biased and brainwashed about the “other” medicine–which ironically outdates allopathic methods by several thousands of years!

Let’s talk about “regulations.” The FDA has done such a spectacular job of overseeing the safety of allopathic medicines, right? How many times have they approved a drug which had to be taken off the market several years later–“Oh, oops, sorry, it’s killing people.”

You may have seen the $100,000 Challenge issued by RFK, Jr. and Robert DeNiro to anyone who can prove that mercury is safe in vaccines. Kennedy stresses that he is not anti-vaccine, he just wants safe vaccines. DeNiro, the parent of a vaccine-injured son, is a supporter of the World Mercury Project Challenge. Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a Center For Disease Control (CDC) senior vaccine safety scientist, testified in 2014 that CDC supervisors instructed vaccine scientists to destroy data linking vaccines to autism. In 2004 an FDA official acknowledged before a Congressional committee that no government or privately-funded study had ever demonstrated thimerosal’s safety, and that is true to date.

We now have these statistics about the HPV vaccine, which has been halted in Japan while a probe is conducted over safety issues, the mainstream media fails to report it, and pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine and the Dept. of Health and Human Services–which holds patents and earns profits from the vaccine–say it’s all a coincidence!


“The CDC is NOT an independent agency. It is a vaccine company…the CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents. It sells about $4.6 billion dollars of vaccines every year.”  –  RFK, Jr. his

The following video was produced by The Canary Party, and shows the personal testimonies of women who have been victims of this vaccine…


There are well-known and respected manufacturers of supplements and herbal remedies if one takes the time to research. They do have their own safety requirements or they would not be in business.

Actually, the U.S. FDA does regulate dietary supplements but the regulations are different and less strict. They would be sued or investigated and shut down if they were killing people, so let’s not use that as an excuse.

Here is an excellent website which explains the safety requirements and oversight for supplements…


It is time for people to question some of our “conventional” methods and drugs in this country rather than just assuming that they are safe because your doctor or government says so! And perhaps also question our distrust of proven alternatives.

Our current health care system is a for-profit business rather than a health wellness and preventive system. It’s unfortunately like many other problems we have, it’s all about the money–it’s not about you!