Positive News Stories…

“Weaving a web to our higher consciousness by creating a community to share news and inspirational perspectives to educate and broaden our minds, leading to a new awareness and a more perfect planet!”

Since this is the precept to which this blog is dedicated, I felt it was time to offer some uplifting, positive news and inspirational perspectives in light of the intensity of news of the past few months.

These are some of the headlines from one of my favorite uplifting news sources, Yes! Magazine…

6 Ways Citizens Across the U.S. Are Using Science to Build a Better World
By collecting climate change data, monitoring air quality, and reverse-engineering insulin, locals are creating a more just and equitable society.


In a Rust Belt Town Where Tuition Is Covered, Economy Begins to Revive 
After Kalamazoo, Michigan, offered college tuition for nearly all high school graduates, dropout rates declined and the city’s population began to rebound. 


The Woman Giving Refugee Kids Free Lawyers 
And two other people advocating for immigrants and refugees.


I do believe that progress forward will happen in small steps from within communities rather than from our so-called “leaders” who have become lost in the wilderness. By sharing stories such as these, we can inspire one another to not lose hope in the goodness of people. After all, we are all in this together, and together we can find the way!