Want to Impeach Trump? Why That’s A Terrible Idea

Following is another great article by John Laurits! I’ve noticed a lot of wishful thinking of getting rid of Trump by impeaching him. I think the dream is that it would install Hillary Clinton as President instead, but that is unrealistic and impossible. John Laurits takes it step-by-step to show us the reality of such an action. Thank you, John Laurits, for your passion and dedication!

This is a nightmare which will not go away the easy way. It will take each of us to take an active role if we are to have any hope of overcoming the erosion of our rights as citizens of this country. No staying home and playing video games or watching football instead of fighting for our children’s future on this planet! We must fight for the right to keep our right to vote by voting! If you think it’s too hard to get the time to educate yourself about the issues or to get out and become proactive and vote, let me assure you that it will be a whole lot harder to survive when you no longer can vote or allow the continued erosion of our government by oligarchs.

Bernie Sanders gave us the clear truth of the matter, and there are many people who have taken up the banner to lead us in the right direction. It is up to us to learn who we can trust, support them by becoming activists, and stand up to the establishment elites of both political parties who continue to cave to big-money and self-interests! It’s easy to be an armchair critic and bemoan our fate at the hands of Trump and his ilk, and the lack of honest candidates being able to overcome the establishment. The time for easy is over! It’s now or never, folks! Our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are depending on us!…

Democrats Want to Impeach Trump? That’s a Terrible Idea & Here’s Why… by John Laurits

Want to Impeach Trump?
Might Want to Re-Think That Idea…

Let’s start from the beginning. First off, “Impeachment” does not remove the president from office. When someone gets impeached, it means that congress wants to interrogate them & anyone else who was involved before making a decision about whether or not they should be removed. Now — let’s assume that the Tiny-Fingered Tweet-Machine was successfully impeached, then actually removed from office by a GOP-controlled congress — what happens next…?

The Line of Succession

Let’s get one thing straight — there is zero chance whatsoever that Hillary Clinton would be assuming the throne. Sorry, democrats — but there are no happy endings, here ( well, no happy legal ones, anyway… ). If Donny Spray-Tan were to be removed, the oval office would simply pass to the next in the line of succession, which, in this case, would be…Mike Freaking Pence

Mike Pence is the type of person who writes op-eds that start with the words, “Global warming is a myth.” If Trump goes, we would be looking at a President Pence and the only good thing about a Pence administration would be the fact that we could call him “the big PP.” Not only does this guy oppose abortion but sex education, too — he also opposes gay marriage & voted against expanding medicare. This dingbat praised Citizens United, sees zero problems with free-trade, & sponsored legislation to expand all of the most terrifying parts of the Patriot act.

There is no way that the Big PP would be an improvement over the Toddler-in-Chief — in fact, it is arguable that Pence, as a more “likable” insider, could be much, much worse…Next in Line — Paul Ryan

OK, let’s say Trump and Pence were both impeached & removed — up next, we have the speaker of the house. Mitt Romney’s former vice-loser, Paul Ryan, is a student of Ayn “F#@% the Poor” Rand’s evil economic theories and a sworn enemy to welfare, food stamps, & other stuff he suspects might be helping struggling people to get by. Like Pence, he is a GOP-insider who supports free-trade & opposes gay marriage. However, in contrast to Pence, who at least has the nerve to admit he is willfully ignoring science, Ryan is infuriatingly “unsure” about climate change and — even more infuriatingly — he is sure that climate scientists are “unsure” ( whether they know it or not ).

Ryan would be terrible for the exact same reason that Pence would be terrible — he would be a more tactful & effective salesperson for the same crappy agenda. And — after Ryan — it would be Orrin “OMG-Please-No” Hatch & Rex “Big Oil” Tillerson…

If Democrats Know How Bad Pence Is, Why Do They Want to Impeach Trump?

What we have here is a giant line of scumbags & plutocrats, as far as the eye can see — certainly enough to exhaust 4 years of impeachment hearings. There is no hope in that direction — only the possibility of jumping out of the pan & into the fire. And the democrats in the house & senate know it — so, why all the fuss about impeachment? If they impeach Trump, we get Pence — and, if they fail to impeach Trump, their party looks increasingly ineffective & irrelevant on the national stage. The democrats’ strategy seems to be custom-designed to fail — or, perhaps, to succeed at reaching a different goal…But what might that be?

#ImpeachTrump Is a Public Relations Campaign

Just like their fake “#resistance,Russia-Gate, & the New Red Scare, the petitions & donation campaigns of democrats & their think-tanks is designed to prod us back into the democratic fold. The neoliberal democrats want you to believe that our system can fix itself, that wealthy politicians can save us, & that there is still some sort of hope. They want you to overlook the fact that the democrats also did everything that the Toupee’d Tyrant is doing now — from mass deportations & pilfering the planet to unleashing Wall Street, laying pipelines, & murdering civilians in countries we never declared war on. The democrats & their lackeys in the puppet-show media are peddling the false hope of a happy ending — not because they want to build a resistance to Trump’s agenda — but because they want you to fall in line behind them.

If the people are ready to create a true resistance to Trump’s agenda, they should abandon all hope…

It Is Useless to Impeach Trump— Impeach the System, Instead!

To fix the problem, the people must first admit that there is a problem — that is why we should abandon all hope. Abandon all hope that the system which creates Trumps will also destroy them — it is a broken machine that produces broken results! Abandon hope that help will come from democratic politicians who take money from the same hands that purchase the republicans — the usurious bankers will not be reined in by their own dogs & the war-factory will never be closed by the cowards who applied to be on its payroll. What — will the same broken elections that offered you two evils somehow not do the same in 2020 or 2024? Or do you think the winners will correct the very flaws which they exploit to win?

No — the only hope left is the hope that you — that we — will abandon hope in this system which is rigged beyond hope! Enough is enough. The country is being run by wealthy psychopaths and we must summon the courage to remove them or suffer the consequences of our inaction…

In solidarity,
John Laurits


Of course, my “dream” is to see this whole election cycle and outcome just go away. I know it’s too much to hope for, but there is a case before SCOTUS. Probably no chance in hell, but it would be great to see it advance to a full trial!…

Full Supreme Court to Hear “2016 Election Nullification Case”
Case to be heard in conference March 17 2017.
All eight justices will decide which cases will go to trial before the Supreme Court. If four of the Justices believe that the case has merit, they can bind it over for a full trial before the justices. The Supreme Court has the power of Injunctive Relief and can order a new election if they deem that the process was corrupted by a foreign power.

Allegations are that the U.S. government knew that hackers from Russia had successfully attacked and penetrated the election databases of at least 12 states and did not protect our democracy.

If thousands of us show up at the Supreme Court and demand that the Court do it’s duty and protect us from foreign invasion with the intent to install their chosen President into office, the Court might see the importance of taking action. The President has attacked the Judicial Branch of government, our Intelligence Services, American Journalism, and defended the President of Russia.

If the Supreme Court decides that the election was tainted it can issue an order to remove the President, the Senators and Congressman chosen in that election and call for a new Election. Plaintiff Toman stated that they are asking for a “Special Election as soon as possible.”


With love & blessings…