Catching Up…

June 20, 2017

Hi, there! I just realized it’s been about two months since I’ve had the inclination to give any thought to a blog post. There are several factors for my lack of motivation. I volunteer at a cat sanctuary for cats who have become homeless mainly due to the loss of their owners through death. I have spent the past weeks giving my spare time to sitting with one of the cats who captured my heart in December when she sat on my lap and claimed me. I’ve been a goner ever since!

Last week, I doubted she would make it through the week, but Pookie has an incredible spirit and loves life, even though her little 5-lb. body is fighting a losing battle. She ended up at the local Pima Animal Care Center when her owner died after 11 yrs. A friend was supposed to care for her, but brought her to the shelter instead. She was in the process of being adopted, but when her blood work showed advanced renal failure, the adoption fell through. A local cat sanctuary rescued her to give her time to live out her life in a homelike setting, receiving medical care until the end. That was last August, and although she is slowly declining, she is still eating and happy. She sat on my lap one day in December, looked at me with her beautiful green eyes, and spoke to me. She has owned me from that moment and I am privileged to be her special person.

           Pookie Closeup 6-17           Pookie Sleeping on Hand

“A cat’s eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world.” ~ Irish Legend

After spending seven years at an animal shelter, I was burned out by the ongoing stress of caring for and trying to place homeless animals. Animal rescue is a very emotionally-draining enterprise and compassion fatigue happens to almost everyone who works in this field. You tend to put protective armor around your feelings in order to cope. I began volunteering at the cat sanctuary where the stress is reduced and the setting is calming, being situated on an old estate with windows looking out at the Catalina Mountains.

Pookie has been instrumental in healing my battered heart, giving back as much as she gets. Having some vocal Siamese in her DNA I’m quite sure, her loud “bark” rather than a soft “meow” welcomes me and speaks to me throughout our time together. While I have cats of my own, they tend to take me for granted unless it’s time to eat.

In a time of such distressing, turbulent world events with so much suffering for my fellow humans and our animal kingdom, Pookie has pierced the armor and touched my heart and given me a gift that is beyond measure—-restoring my ability to let go of the sorrows and allow myself to love again in a safe space.

I consider every day that she is still with us as a special blessing! I’m thankful that we were brought together to have this special healing time, and I know that when her time comes, she will be gently received by the Angels. I will miss her terribly, but she will live in my heart forever.

Happy Summer Solstice!    White Cumulus Clouds