The “Great American Eclipse” on Aug. 21, 2017! Change is coming…

Everyone is anticipating the upcoming Great American Eclipse with varying degrees of anticipation, excitement, fear, and speculation. A multitude of articles are being written by scientists and astrologers about the significance of this eclipse whose shadow divides the U.S. in half.

I am reposting the following article by astrologer Donna Woodwell entitled, “What Astrologers Know About Eclipses That You Don’t” because it is one of the most well-written ones I’ve come across! She gives a fabulous explanation of what eclipses are and the history of similar eclipses in the past history of the U.S….“The Great American Eclipse is part of Saros series 145. So, to get a sense of how August’s eclipse may play out, astrologers look to past events in the series.”

“This eclipse is the cosmic reflection of what we already know: We are at a crossroads in American history.”

She shows how astrology fits in very nicely with interpreting the meaning of the energy expressed within the eclipse and what changes we can expect it to bring to this country “…the location from which an eclipse is visible indicates the areas of the world ripe for changes in society, cultures or leadership” and—in particular—to the current president…”It’s all about The Donald!” Not to mention the next major eclipse which ties into this one on April 8, 2024…

I especially loved Donna’s educating us about “Remembering Eudaimonia.” I know you will find her article as fascinating as I have and most enlightening!!

I welcome any posts you may have to share regarding this extraordinary event which we know will be memorable in many ways, whether we experience it consciously or as a ho-hum event. May all change be for the highest and best good for us personally and collectively…



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